Baldness Linked With Wealth?

There is a general MISCONCEPTION /MYTH linked with baldness.

It goes like this… Once a person becomes egg headed, he starts attracting wealth. :-)

Do you buy into this philosophy?

Well, I have to tell you.. the exact opposite happened with me.

As I am having more and more hair everyday, my finances are increasing in an exponential way. Thanks to a program I joined recently.

I guess, it is happening because of the confidence I am building every day due to a better look with more denser and thicker hair.

Confidence is LINKED with how you feel. The better you feel – the more confidence you will have.

However, I believe if you’re bald but still confident, you would still attract wealth, and be better off. There’s so much linked with confidence that if we truly understand its power, we will never feel blue again.

I urge you to be confident in whatever you do. Be confident even if you think you look like Shrek. No jokes. There is a whole psychology behind it.

Let me tell you something immensely powerful. Something that if you do RELIGIOUSLY will make your life turn around in a matter of days.

Here’s the secret… “The consciousness of having hair will give you hair“.

And the same goes for… wealth, good relationships, anything and everything in life. In other words, surround yourself with people, things and events that make you think good thoughts and feelings about HAVING those things that you desire, and soon you will experience those things in your life.

This REALLY WORKS. Trust me. :)

BTW, check out this program for building your life in terms of wealth.

… This really will make you rich. Beyond your imagination.

It certainly made me rich. And this is why I highly recommend it to others having a desire to be wealthy in the next 30-90 days.

And I mean really RICH, not just about making a few dollars here n there.

It is something you can quickly and easily do even if you’re busy in your job or having loads of household errands as part of your daily grind.

Check it out.

One more thing.

…Be thankful to God /people around you and be appreciative of whatever you have at the moment in your life. Yes, even your challenges and adversities that have shackled you from all directions.

Ouch! I sound like a personal development cum life coach. ;-)

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How to Buy Keshyog

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of inquiries for purchase of Keshyog. I would like to make this clear that I am not a Keshyog sales person or in any way linked to its company.

If you would like to buy Keshyog hair oil, please contact its company GTM Teleshopping Pvt. Ltd. in Indore, India. Also, you can visit Keshyog’s website for more information about purchasing Keshyog.

On this website I share only my views (both good and bad) about the Keshyog, and offer valuable information based on my own experiences about hair growth and vitality.

Please review this website before buying Keshyog so as to make an informed decision. Keshyog may or may not be beneficial for your hair depending upon your hair condition. Therefore, you must educate yourself about the hair regrowth process and then make a buying decision.

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My Keshyog Complaint

I don’t know how to put it but lately I have been terribly disappointed with Keshyog.

I ordered Keshyog as usual and it came with the same bells and whistles via courier service with its original packing containing Keshyog oil and Keshyog powder. However, my experience with Keshyog this time is extremely dissatisfying not to mention annoying to say the least.

As you guys know, I am a big fan of Keshyog but this time I have a serious complain about Keshyog hair oil.

Firstly, the usual Keshyog smell felt different. I thought maybe its due to my inability to smell  properly as I was having cold at that time. But soon I realized that there’s some different about the product. Long story short, I was right on my suspicion and certainly it was not the same Keshyog as it use to come before.

To my surprise, after just 2 days of applying Keshyog on my scalp, I developed small pimples on the scalp, and I immediately had to stop the application.

I am not sure what to do now… as I was somebody who really liked the product in the past, and the product certainly helped me in regrowing my hair. However, this time my experience is completely different.

So on an ending note, I would like to warn all you guys out there to apply caution when purchasing Keshyog. Make sure you ask your supplier to give you some sort of guarantee or assurance in case it turns out to be fake. Because, this time I am really disappointed with Keshyog.

Now I have a strong feeling that there must be something going wrong or MAYBE some fake Keshyog is being sold out there. Therefore, I urge you to do your due diligence before purchasing.

Let me know about your experiences.


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Baldness Cure with Keshyog

Can total baldness be cured with Keshyog?

As per my experience, the answer is absolutely yes.

The reason I am so much excited about this whole hair regrowth process is because I started with no hair. And in just 7 months, my results are in front of you.

So, I am 100% convinced that yes a completely bald person can have hair regrowth again. For one reason, Keshyog has no side effects, and secondly it has a combination of so many different Ayurvedic herbs that are natural and highly potent herbal extracts that works like magic.

My baldness cure didn’t come overnight. It took me months of applying Keshyog along with using other resources I mentioned on this Web site.  But all in all, the bottom line is, it WORKS.

So what do you think about Keshyog? Let me have your opinion and your experience with it.

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Overnight Hair Miracle

I have been noticing something miraculous lately.

Probably it would be a little hard to believe but I have experienced regrowth of hair overnight. What’s shocking for me is not just the regrowth of hair, but I could actually see a few long tail extended hair (way above the normal ones) on top of my scalp.

I am not sure what caused this to happen, but for me it’s certainly an eye opener. Imagine long tail hair suddenly appearing on your head without any effort on your part. Actually, it’s happening since a few weeks but I didn’t notice it much partly because the size of the hair wasn’t that big.

I think my daily exercise regimen along with Keshyog is working its magic. Also, I’m a little more conscious of seeing more hair on the scalp everyday. Whatever is the case, I am really surprised with the size of the hair.

The precise size of the new hair is around 2.5 – 3.0 inches and it clearly stands out from the rest.

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Keshyog Video Review

Hey guys,

Here’s a quick video to show my current scalp condition with hair on it. This is amazing because for a bald guy, having this kind of result is nothing short of a miracle.

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Ayurvedic Hair

Lately, I received a few emails about ayurvedic hair and daily use of Keshyog. What I observed clearly in these emails were the concern of people about the safety issue. People asked me, if it’s safe to use Keshyog on a daily basis with or without other hair care products?

So I thought to share my views here  on that…

First of all Keshyog is a herbal Ayurvedic hair oil made from natural herbs. Therefore, it is completely safe to use as no harmful chemical formulation is used in its making.

As for using other ayurvedic hair care products with Keshyog, I do not think it’s a good idea because Keshyog itself comes as a complete hair care system, and during the treatment period with Keshyog, no other hair care product is recommended. A good routine would be to gently massage Keshyog every night with your finger tips before retiring to bed, and wash it in the morning with the accompanying powder.

I, myself, followed this daily regimen and my results are nothing short of phenomenal.

This being my practice I am able to regrow my hair considerably without dabbling with any other hair product, whatsoever. Therefore, my advice would be to stick with Keshyog and follow the plan regularly with additional help from ayurvedic hair  products I mentioned in the resources section.

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Keshyog Hair Oil

In general, a lot of people have absolutely no clue about massaging hair oil on the scalp, effectively.

They just pour hair oil of different types and start massaging it haphazardly on the surface without any understanding of the procedure, whatsoever. This, of courses, causes serious damage to the hair follicle making it weaker, and finally resulting  in gross hair loss over a short period of time.

So for Keshyog hair oil, how do I massage it on my scalp for natural hair growth?

Glad you asked.

Here’s how you should massage Keshyog hair oil for best results…

From your hairline by your forehead, just make small concentric circles with your finger tips. Then work your way around to the sides of your head on top and then to the back, while maintaining the same small circles technique. Then once you are at the back of your head section, work your way back up again to the front, making circles with your fingertips, continuously.

How to massage hair
How to Massage Hair

…This process ensures your hair follicles are getting nourished properly and it’s especially beneficial for those people who are already experiencing hair loss, or baldness issues. Hair follicles that are not active may be stimulated to begin growing hair again due to better circulation of blood on the surface of your scalp. Do it very gently.

The point here is… what could be more soothing than an effective and relaxing scalp massage? While there’s little doubt that a relaxing scalp massage has therapeutic benefits, some people are using this technique for stopping hair loss and promoting faster hair growth with Keshyog.

So, does scalp massage for hair growth really work?

By stimulating the blood in your scalp, you promote its circulation. You can think of it as scalp aerobics, and this allows your scalp’s natural oils, sebum, to be distributed evenly. When using your fingers, never use your nails, only your fingertips. This is very important.

Applying Keshyog hair oil moisturizes and lubricate the scalp. The tip of the fingers are then used to knead the nape of the neck and the entire scalp for anywhere from five minutes to 15 minutes. The lucky recipient of the massage may experience a scalp tingling sensation along with a deep sense of relaxation during the process.

What Are the Benefits of Scalp Massage?

Keshyog hair oil used during the scalp massage helps to lubricate the scalp which is beneficial for dry hair and overall scalp surface. In addition, the kneading motions used in the massage treatment can be quite relaxing because of the many nerve endings located in the scalp. It’s thought that massage may lower blood pressure and cause release of “feel good” hormones known as endorphins which help to elevate the mood.

Does Scalp Massage with Keshyog Help in Regrowing New Hair?

Certainly. But again, the right procedure needs to be followed. Also, stress and elevated cortisol levels have been associated with hair loss in some people. This probably holds true only for people who are stressed in the first place.

Bottom line?

Follow the procedure as described above, and maintain a positive mental attitude. I can’t stress this enough. For a complete step-by-step process and detailed information, see the resources section.

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Hey, Amin here.

Thank you for being so patient to know all about Keshyog hair oil. So, without further ado…

“Here’s The Most Comprehensive Review Of Keshyog  Hair Oil on the ‘Net”

…Here you’ll find absolutely no fluff, no filler and no crappy mumbo-jumbo  - Just what you want and NEED to know before purchasing Keshyog. Also, I give you my top recommendations for diet, exercises and special pointers for hair growth which has proven to be very effective in my own hair re-growth process.

Note: This is a only a review of Keshyog and if you want to purchase the product, you may want to visit this website.

So, what’s the buzz about this popular thingy called Keshyog?

Well, in one liner, Keshyog is a herbal Ayurvedic product for hair growth.


Everywhere you look these days it seems that Keshyog has become a wonder hair growth formula to people’s hair problems. Granted, is there any real substance to Keshyog or it’s just another hype filled massively advertised product?

Let’s find out.

I created this blog to answer the pressing questions, personal concerns, fears and dilemmas of people around the globe to bring them to light and make them aware about the reality of Keshyog.

First of all let me tell you that my observation about Keshyog is 100% on practical grounds connected with my own hair loss issues. I do NOT pretend to be an authority on hair care products, and am certainly not a hair growth expert.  Far from it. Therefore, my Keshyog review is entirely personal and unbiased.

I do, however, have a good understanding about general hair problems, baldness and its causes, medical conditions and other hair care solutions. Also, my review is based on years of trial and error and indefatigable  efforts towards maintaining a perfect scalp with a healthy hair growth.

So let’s dig right in to Keshyog’s facts, figures and results.

Keshyog is primarily formulated to treat dandruff, thinning of hair, lifeless hair  and baldness. It’s a a Herbal Ayurvedic product for hair growth consisting of an oil bottle along with a jar of hair cleansing powder.

Keshyog Packaging and Delivery

I personally didn’t like Keshyog’s packaging material and its containers, nor in my opinion the smell is pleasing. However, since it’s a herbal hair growth product, I was mentally prepared for these deficiencies, after all it’s the product and its effectiveness that really matter.

Keshyog’s is delivered by courier only, at least in Dubai where I live. The delivery is made within 2-3 business days, generally. As for other countries, I am not quite sure how long it takes.

Keshyog Pricing

Well, Keshyog isn’t cheap. I bought it for AED 150 (approx USD 41) but I think in India it’s comparatively cheaper. Of course, it depends on your net worth whether you consider it cheap or not, and also your enthusiasm for growing back your hair, if that’s your ultimate target.

My Experience of Using Keshyog

In my personal experience, I found Keshyog to be EXTREMELY effective. Check out my ‘About Me‘ page for a detailed story. There are people who are highly dissatisfied with the product, and you will find a lot of forums where people are talking flames about Keshyog. But that’s what their experiences are, and I certainly understand that. Everybody is different, I mean different in terms of habits, thought patterns, eating habits, health conditions, current lifestyle etc., and these things DO effect the overall hair growth process.

To me, since I have personally experienced hair growth on a complete bald scalp, I am convinced that Keshyog is surely a Godsend product for me.

…Now having said that, I must confess that I am a total hair care junkie. I would do anything to get my hair back except surgery (hair transplantation), and I did use a couple of other hair resources besides using Keshyog all along the process of my treatment. So naturally, my good results must have been the combination of using some of these products as well, in addition to using Keshyog hair oil. I don’t know.

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